Alta Vista Co-operative Nursery School (AVCNS) is a non-profit corporation licensed by the Day Nurseries Branch, Ministry of Education.

AVCNS can offer your child:

  • a warm, nurturing learning environment

  • developmentally appropriate programs

  • low teacher-child ratio

  • strong emphasis on socialization

  • teachers who are professional, certified, early childhood educators

  • an opportunity to be involved in your child's education

  • toddler and pre-school programs

  • flexible part-time care

In a safe, nurturing environment the child will be encouraged in:

  • social interaction

  • language development

  • co-operation

  • respect for property and each other

  • decision making

  • building self-esteem


AVCNS operates on a co-operative basis, with assistance from the parents of the children enrolled in the school. Parents support the school both in the classroom (on "duty days") and outside (by serving on committees and helping with other special events).

Because this is a co-operative school, the educational experience is that much more meaningful for the children as well as the parents. The duty day is an event familiar to all parents who have embraced the co-operative school experience. It gives them the opportunity to witness, first hand, their child's personal growth. It is also a time when the child gains a great deal of self-esteem knowing that their parent took the time to participate in their school day.


  • To create a special place for children where play is learning and learning is stimulating, challenging, creative and fun;

  • To encourage parents to understand and enjoy this very valuable time and space; and

  • To foster an interest for life-long learning in this unique child, parent and teacher relationship.


Our philosophy is to direct, encourage and stimulate the development of the whole child. A balance of self-selected and teacher directed activities encourage the child in self-expression, independence, social, physical and cognitive skills. The child will learn at his or her own pace in an environment of trust and creative experience.


The school was founded and began operating in September of 1984 as the Rideau Park Co-operative Nursery School. In September of 1991, the school re-located to its current address at 480 Avalon Place, occupying the main floor and part of the basement at the Trinity Church of the Nazarene.


    Alta Vista Co-operative Nursery School is devoted to motivating children’s learning development; health, nutrition and well being through passionate and responsive Registered Early Childhood Educators. Our main focus is to create a special place for children where play is learning and learning is stimulating, challenging, creative and fun.

   Alta Vista Co-operative Nursery School’s primary objectives are based on the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA), 2014 as well as the Ministry of Education’s document “How Does Learning Happen?” structured around the following 4 foundations:


Belonging refers to the relationships that children develop with other children, their families, their educators and the learning environment. Educators provide constructive play opportunities where children can work together as a team to enhance their social skills. Educators also work with children on a one-on-one basis if needed to create trusting relationships in order for the individual child to gain a sense of comfort and security.


states the significant aspects of their physical, mental health and wellness. Alta Vista Co-operative Nursery School strives to meet the needs of health and safety requirements that are specified from the Ministry of Education to ensure well-being of parents, staff and children. We also monitor each individual’s health on a daily basis to avoid spreading of illnesses. We keep records of daily indoor and outdoor inspections in order to maintain a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for everyone.


refers to a child’s sense of connection and motivation; he or she needs to be able to discover the environment and atmosphere around them. Educators often ask the children open-ended questions to build on their problem-solving skills and to boost their creativity.


or social interaction. Through their gestures, speech and use of a variety of their vocabulary; children have the opportunity to expand on their vocabulary and increase their literacy skills.  

 Goals for Alta Vista Co-operative Nursery School:

Staff Goals: Each staff member, parent, student and volunteer will review the Program Statement and other guidelines specified in the Parent Policy Handbook. After reviewing the Program Statement and each policy, they will sign an Acknowledgement and Consent Form stating they have read and understood all the policies prior to working with children at Alta Vista Co-operative Nursery School.

The Director will often call upon meetings to ensure that each staff member has great acknowledgement of the Program Statement and will also notify them instantly if any changes occur.

Parent Goals: In an active co-operative atmosphere, the parents will observe their children in a happy, secure and creative environment. They will also share in their child’s learning and grow in the understanding of child development based on each individual’s interest.

     At Alta Vista Co-operative Nursery School, we strive to include parents as often as possible, in any way they can participate, and one of our ways is asking parents about talents, or their occupation where in by they can come in and share their talent or share a bit about their career with all the children, which in turn allows parents to be involved, and their child to feel a sense of pride as their parent performs a “show” or presentation for the group. 

Community Partner Goals: Alta Vista Co-operative Nursery School often works with community partners such as Children’s Integration Support Services (CISS) and Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre (OCTC) . CISS provides assistance for children with special needs. They introduce new resources to help children achieve their full potential. OCTC offers Child Development Services that is very beneficial for educators. They provide assessments, treatment, consultation, and education to fulfill the child’s individual needs. We also contact local gust speakers, such as dentist (oral health), pedal heads (bike safety), Loblaws (healthy eating habbits)… etc


     At Alta Vista Co-operative Nursery School we motivate children to have positive interactions with their peers, educators, parents and community partners in a polite manner. We provide an intellectual learning environment where children can explore and seek new information each day. Children will build on their social-emotional skills and personal growth as well as gain self-regulatory skills by using new resources and by being exposed to various developmental activities in our child care setting.


     Alta Vista Co-operative Nursery School is constantly receiving new numbers of children, families and community partners. As our center expands, we will review our program statement regularly with staff and parent board members to ensure we are meeting all Ministry of Education requirements.